What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a leading open-source blogging engine that generally powers 90% of the top blogs. It can be installed in your domain and used for blogging. You can even create your free blog at WordPress.com and host it on managed WordPress hosting.

You would find that most companies and even individuals nowadays use WordPress for blogging. This is because you would find various features catering to various needs of the blogger. If you have multi-you blogs, you can use WordPress, and if you need Social Networking, you can take the help of BuddyPress, which is also open-source.

Those who use WordPress web hosting are often in a dilemma whether they would require any unmanaged hosting provider for their blogs. But if you are using WordPress hosting, you would need to create a MySQL database first and add it to your hosting package within your domain name. You might find that many hosting companies advertise that they provide managed WordPress hosting, and that is ‘one-click’ Install. It is done by using WordPress hosting tools, and here you need to give the ‘plulic_html’ root folder name from where the WordPress needs to be loaded, and then with one click of a button, WordPress would be installed automatically. This is now available with many hosting companies, and when you buy WordPress hosting, it is better to find out whether they are providing WordPress hosting and cPanel Control Panel. When you were purchasing¬† WordPress hosting, if you do not have the skill to install WordPress, you should go for an authentic WordPress hosting company after researching correctly and avoid companies that might charge you more for the service.