The history of the Tatton Park Flower Show

The RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park Knutsford is an annual event that draws horticulturists and fans of nature to Cheshire every year. The first edition was in 1999 and it is organized by the Royal Horticultural Society. The event has competitions with prizes and awards on offer. There is a National Flower Bed Competition, a Young Designer of the Year Award and so many other garden shows with hundreds of participants putting their best work forward.

The Tatton Park Flower Show also has several other key highlights like the plant plaza and the Floral Marquee and Heritage Pavilion.How the Tatton Park Flower show began The history of Tatton Park Flower Show can be traced to Scotland. Scotland had a National Gardening Show launched in 1997. It was the largest in Scotland since the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival. The event was largely publicized with Scottish themes to great success in the first year. As many as 47,000 visitors attended to take in the works of 260 exhibitors. Of the 47,000 visitors, more than 40% of them were Scottish. At the second edition in 1998, the exhibitor increased from 260 to 300 but the visiting population dropped from 47,000 to 43,000 people. By the third year, the number of visitors had dropped even further.

The Tatton Flower show is in new Knutsford, a beautiful Cheshire town. Wright Marshall are an estate agent proving houses for sale Knutsford.The mounting cost of organizing the event meant that the show required at least 50,000 visitors to breakeven but the 1999 event only attracted 35,000 people. Tatton Park flower event in the same year attracted more than 100,000 people. After organizers announced that they could no longer stage the event any longer, horticulturists in Scotland formed a consortium with plans to stage a replacement show with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society involved in planning.Then came the Tatton Flower Show.

The Tatton Flower show was first held in 1999 but organizers decided to focus on the show in Scotland first in 1997 and 1998. The late Max De Soissons was the event organizer because of his experience organizing successful shows of this nature in Birmingham. At the first event in 1999, the show had 16 back to back garden events and 12 show gardens. Visitors also saw 77 nurseries in full display and 10 rose growers. Organizers expected 70,000 visitors but 102,000 people appeared. After close evaluation, RHS staff concluded that Tatton had the best reception compared to the event in Scotland. Ever since, Tatton, Knutsford has become a permanent home for the RHS Flower Show.

The Show continues to draw a lot of visitors to Knutsford with temporary road closures. The lanes at the A556 road are often congested during event days as thousands of vehicles make their way to Knutsford. This year’s event promises to hold barring any unforeseen Covid lockdowns initiated by the government in light of the pandemic.