The Best NetSuite CRM App to Get Killer Sales

Native support for multi-branch and multi-currency functionalities combined with Big Bang’s expertise in multinational companies (including ours).  Oracle NetSuite covers the basics with its ERP / Finance, CRM, e-commerce and additional process components and all of these are integrated and configured according to best practices. With the help of Big Bang’s experts, your cloud platform grows as your business grows. The robustness of Oracle NetSuite allows customers, suppliers, merchants, partners and employees to access the same platform (with different authorization levels). This way, you can be sure that the KPIs (key performance indicators) and other data are consistent for all stakeholders. With its open API and wide range of connectors, NetSuite CRM provides the flexibility your business needs.

Manage your key business processes from a single, centralized cloud solution. NetSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, lets you run your business from the cloud computing and access your data anytime, anywhere. With no hardware purchases, no recurring software maintenance fees, and no up-front license fees per user, NetSuite is the ideal ERP solution for many modern, business-oriented businesses the growth.

Big Bang’s seasoned team of business advisors can help you get the most out of Oracle NetSuite, whether for CSSA (Strategic Consulting for Business Solutions), implementation, migration, development or even training. The Big Bang consulting team has been operating Oracle NetSuite review for more than a decade and has developed deep expertise in the platform. We have all the knowledge necessary to integrate it with other platforms to maximize the potential for evolution and growth of your business.

Setbacks are not uncommon when implementing a new system. By leveraging the Big Bang experience with Oracle NetSuite, you can avoid wasted time and wasted resources. With the highest per person certification rate among Oracle NetSuite app, the Big Bang team can teach you the basics and save you from unforeseen difficulties.

Nothing is more useful than concrete and applied experience. Thanks to an excellent understanding of the specific issues of each domain, Big Bang’s industry specialists will simplify the integration of Oracle NetSuite with other software and apply themselves to solving your concrete business challenges.

Surprises can be exciting, but let’s save them for birthdays! With the Big Bang team of Oracle NetSuite consultants, there are no surprises as we lay our cards on the table before we even get started. By following the 7-step Big Bang methodology, The Big Bang Experience, we make the project go as planned.

Thanks to open APIs and customizations, anything is possible. However, a good understanding of the limits of customization can make good use of a finished tool, platform, or plug-in and save time and money while reducing the cost of semi-annual upgrades. By doing business with Big Bang, you get sound advice when the profitability of personalization is no longer viable and a more elegant solution is required.

Accounting software

The NetSuite financial management solution accelerates daily financial transactions, simplifies annual account closing, and ensures rigor and compliance. The cloud-based, single-platform architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of your business, from the big picture to individual transactions. NetSuite financial management integrates seamlessly with all NetSuite order management, inventory management, CRM and e-commerce functions to streamline critical business processes. Features include invoicing, accounting and finance, financial planning, financial reporting, global accounting and consolidation, compliance and governance risks, and revenue recognition.