Reddy Kancharla Provides Tips On Becoming a Successful Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are among the most in-demand professionals around the world. People will always need buildings to live in, roads and bridges to walk in, and diverse other structures for their convenience. Hence, while the industry demand of many other professions has become saturated over the years, so is not the case with civil engineers. According to Reddy Kancharla, these professionals get to work on a variety of projects, right from municipal work to sky scrapers. Mr. Kancharla himself is a well-established and experienced civil engineer.

A new civil engineer graduate typically joins an organization as an intern or a junior employee. It usually takes them at least a couple of years to make their mark there, on the basis of their technical abilities, as well as the capacity to manage, organize and collaborate with others. Reddy Kancharla mentions that for the best results, a civil engineer must put in their best efforts from their early assignments itself, no matter how trivial they may appear. In the early stages of the career, doing an incredible job on a minor assignment shall be the best way to get recognized, as well as subsequently get more challenging and important job assigned. Most construction company executives continually search for competent individuals to move up into more responsible positions. Hence, one must try their best to prove their competency for such positions.

Here are a few tips offered by Reddy Kancharla in regards to the path of becoming a successful civil engineer:

  • Make things done rather than waiting for the others: Just because a person has asked a vendor, a foreman or even a colleague to provide something they need that is important for the project does not mean that it is going to be done in a timely manner. One must keep a tickler file and call to check on the progress. If no response comes for a prolonged period, one must find another way to make things done.
  • Put in extra hours: To enjoy great benefits later in life, one must put in their best efforts today. The fastest way to get promoted usually is to put forth extra work and meet the crunch deadlines. One must not be weary of logging extra hours at work, and consider it to be an investment for their future
  • Look for visibility: Even after putting in consistently good work, there are chances that one may not be recognized properly by the management. In such a case, people must focus on being more visible so that their competency gets noticed by the company leadership. They ideally should look for opportunities to make a presentation, organize seminar and so on, for this purpose.

While qualification and technical capabilities are obviously vital to becoming a good civil engineer, to gain maximum professional success, one must keep in mind the pointers mentioned above. They can significantly help a person to become a successful civil engineer.