Creating a Motorbike Insurance policies Declare

Having an accident on your motorbike is never an ideal situation. After the accident, it is easy to get scared and confused about the steps to take next. It is important to remain calm in these circumstances and do the important next step of making the claim. One important piece of advice to keep in mind when making a motorbike claim is to remain honest with the claims representative. Due to fine print, if the insurance company finds out the policyholder was dishonest in any way, the claim and potentially the insurance cover will become void.

The first step in making the insurance claim is to call the insurance company to notify them of the accident. Most insurance providers have emergency claim hot lines, accessible 24 hours a day, where the policyholder can discuss their claim with a representative right away in order to report all the proper information. Usually they will give advice about how to proceed to ensure the process goes quickly.

When making the claim, you will typically need your policy number as well as any information about payment history. As long as the policy is paid in full, there should be no problem proceeding with the claim. What amount the insurance company will cover does depend on what kind of cover the policyholder had in relation to the claim. If the policyholder held third-party only insurance, the insurance company will not cover any damage to their vehicle.

Another major portion of completing the claim is interviewing the policyholder on the details of the accident, including any third-party  motorbike accident scotland members who were involved. It is important to know the date and location, as well as time of the accident when completing an insurance claim. Any witnesses to the accident along with their contact information are important assets to the claim the policyholder is filing as well. If the motorbike was damaged to the extent that it is unable to be driven home, contact the insurance company right away to make arrangements for relocation.

Usually insurance companies have approved garages for proceeding with claims. These garages work in conjunction with the insurance companies to ensure a speedy estimate and repair of the bike. The policyholder will have to pay the excess amount, determined by their policy, and the insurer will compensate the garage for the remainder when repairs have been completed. In some cases, depending on cover, the policyholder will be granted a hire bike. In most cases, however, the policyholder will opt to use public transit for the duration of the repairs.

Due to certain legal requirements, making the claim right away is integral to ensuring coverage for all matters relating to the accident. Certain delays, especially those regarding physical injuries, can result in higher costs for treatment. This, in the event of an extreme delay, can cause insurance companies to deny coverage for injuries incurred in the accident.

Even if there is no bodily injury, it is important to report the claim right away as to assure an accurate portrayal of events surrounding the accident. Being forthcoming with the insurance companies is in the best interest of the policyholder. It will result in the efficient progress of your claim and proper payment where due.